I’ve thought a lot about gratitude recently.

Every day, after I finish writing my Morning Pages, I spend about five minutes writing in my daily journal. The first prompt is about gratitude, requiring me to write three things I’m grateful for. There are countless articles about the benefits of starting every day with gratitude, so incorporating it into my morning routine was a no-brainer.


Yesterday started with a double bonus. After I finished writing in my journal, the theme for my Daily Calm meditation was Otsukaresama, which is a Japanese phrase used throughout the work day to say “Good job” or “Thank you for your work”.

I’ve had gratitude on my mind because I’ve been living my dream at work for the past nine months, and I’m grateful to so many people for their role in helping make that happen. The challenge is in making sure every one of them knows how grateful I am. Although I seize every opportunity to express my gratitude, I know I could do better. That’s something I’m working on this year.

Sure, starting every day by writing down three things you’re grateful for is a healthy practice. But it’s not enough. You need to carry your gratitude beyond your private thoughts and writing. Thank the people who’ve helped you or who’ve had an impact on your life. Tell your spouse how much you appreciate them.

That’s one thing I don’t do often enough, and I know she reads this blog, so now I have no excuse!

What do you do to practice gratitude? Could you do more?

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Collin Kromke

Collin Kromke is a social media marketer with expertise in community management, and an innovative lean startup advocate, practitioner and coach. He's also a dad, trainer, advisor, speaker, photographer, writer and blogger.

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