Today, I am a Coach

Today, I am a coach. I even saved this month old tweet from @EricSteege┬ájust for today’s post:

I participated in my first lean startup boot camp about ten months ago, and before completing the first empathy interview, I knew I wanted to be a lean startup coach. With all my experience as a corporate training instructor and my desire to develop as a leader, it seemed like a natural fit.

Shortly after the boot camp, I started working on an accelerator team, honing my skills as a lean startup practitioner. Then, about four months ago, I took the first big step on my coaching journey and coached the first of four lean startup boot camps, followed by four months of training and observation to prepare me for this day.

Today, I am a coach

Today, I’m taking my next big step and coaching a lean startup accelerator team for the next 90-days! And yes, just like Eric said in his tweet above, I also have a coach, and in about 60 minutes I get to meet him in person for the first time.

I can’t wait to start the next chapter in this page-turner. Now I just need to overcome my strong desire to skip ahead to the end so I can see how the story turns out.