12 Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Like ButtonEvery day on my job as a social media administrator, our insurance agents ask me how to get more people to like their Facebook pages. Here are a few of my most common answers.

#1: Share quality content

If you post and share interesting, engaging, and quality content, you’ll keep the followers you have, they’ll share it with their friends, and those friends may also become fans. What is quality content? Everything you post on Facebook should be entertaining and/or informative, and should compel your fans to either post a comment or click like. These interactions by your fans will contribute to a higher EdgeRank, which will improve the visibility of your posts in their news feeds.

Everything you post on Facebook should be entertaining and/or informative.
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#2: Put a link in your email signature

You send emails to customers and prospects every day. Put a call to action such as Like Us on Facebook in your default email signature, and turn it into a hyperlink that goes directly to your page. This simple addition to your email signature will help build awareness that you have a Facebook page and will bring new fans to your page.

#3: Email your customer database

Email your customer database, announcing that you are on Facebook and asking them to like your page. Most customers who have an email address probably have a Facebook profile too. They should ALL be fans of your page! Don’t over-do it, though. One request is enough, because if you ask too often, you risk annoying them and having your emails reported as spam.

#4: Tell EVERYONE you are on Facebook

This is effective for contacts you make in-person and by telephone. Ask if they are on Facebook, and if so, ask them to like your page. Don’t forget to tell them how to find you on Facebook. Your page name should be unique enough that it is easy to find through Facebook or Google search.

#5: Claim your Facebook vanity URL

You bought a domain name for your website to make it easy to fine. You should do the same for your Facebook page. The good news is that a Facebook vanity URL is FREE! Once your page has 25 fans, you can claim a custom vanity URL for the page here: http://www.facebook.com/username/

#6: Put your vanity URL on your business card

Telling people how to search for your page is good, but handing them a card with your Facebook vanity URL is even better. Make it as easy as possible for people to find your page, and you’ll reap the benefits of an increased fan count.

#7: Post a link on your personal profile

Post a link to your fan page as a status update on your personal profile, and include a request to your friends to like your page. Then have your husband or wife post the link… and your kids… and your employees. Then ask your Facebook friends to post the link too. You get the picture.

#8: Create a Find us on Facebook window cling

Attach a Find Us on Facebook window cling to the door of your office. Everyone who walks in your office should be aware that your business has a page on Facebook.

#9: Add a link to your website, newsletter, etc

Add a Find un on Facebook link to your company website, your email newsletter, etc. By now, you should be getting the idea that you need to post your Facebook link with a call to action EVERYWHERE that people will find you online and in every communication you send to your customers and prospects.

#10: Post frequently, but not too frequently

My recommendation is to post something on your page 1-2 times per week. Every week. No exceptions. Post too much, and you risk annoying people and having them either ignore your posts or unlike your page. Post too little, and your EdgeRank will suffer, your posts won’t appear in people’s news feeds, and they’ll forget about you.

#11: Mix it up

Photos tend to get the most engagement, but a good question can get a lot of replies too. Remember – entertain and inform, and mix it up. Found some great information on an industry blog? Share it on your page. Found an informative or funny (and appropriate) YouTube video? Share it. Then reply to people’s comments. Thank them when they say something nice. Answer when they ask questions. Your interaction is just as important as that of your fans.

#12: Your turn

How do you attract fans to your Facebook fan page?

Please share your tips in the comments, and I’ll use the best ones in a future blog post.


  1. Juggling For A Cure says

    Thank you for informing how to claim one’s Facebook vanity profile. I followed the instructions you provided and got a vanity profile link for my company’s fan page.

  2. Linda says

    Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions. Many of us who would like to implement them do not know how to do so. For example, how does one add social media buttons that link to social media URLs in email signatures?

  3. Pamela Cameron says

    We have been asking for ” like” clicks to our grandsons page.
    So far we are at 20,000 plus.
    Casen’s Crusade
    He’s a 6 year old boy who’s dying from Batten Disease, it’s a rare disease.
    We also try to bring awareness to this disease at same time.

    My question is: just how do we make this go viral, not using twitter or paying to promote his page?
    What do you suggest ?

    • says

      Great job getting to 20,000 likes! What you need to understand, though, is that YOU don’t “make it go viral”. That’s up to your fans and the rest of the world. If you do great things on the page, promote it appropriately, and the right people see it, then and only then might you have a chance to see it go viral.

  4. Emeka Ajufo says

    Those are awesome ways to get likes to your facebook fanpage, i would also recommend doing a couple promoted posts to help increase your exposure. With really targeted campaigns you can get low CPC sometimes as low as 1 or 2 cents.

    Facebook Fanpage

  5. says

    No need to entice. Just ask. Those who want to like the page will. Those who don’t won’t. You could always run install a sweepstakes app and like-gate it so people can only enter the sweeps AFTER they like the page.

    • KK says

      How many times after the initial request to Like my Fan page should I keep reminding them that I want them to Like my Fan page? In other words, out of the 700 contacts I have, what if only 100 Like my Fan page. Do I assume the others don’t want to be bothered, or perhaps missed it? Thus, I need to keep letting them know that I want them to Like my Fan page. How many times is too many?

      • KK says

        Thanks for the great information. One more question. Using the sweepstakes approach, can I give something away to the “lucky winner” whose name is drawn. My my case, since I’m a performer, it would be a free performance.

  6. TT says

    This article is very helpful however do you have any advice for a small budget? I really like the place a link on my email.

    • says

      Other than the business card and window cling suggestions, all of the items on the list are friendly to someone with no budget.

  7. Ricardo says

    Very great info. My wife just opened a hair salon and it never occurred to me that by including her salon’s Facebook page on my email signature could be such a great idea. Got like 7 likes in less than 1 hour from friends and acquantainces. Thank you

    • says

      Thanks Ricardo! I’m so glad you found some value in this post. Stop back and leave me another update sometime. I love success stories!

  8. Progressive News says

    I actually have an iframe pop-up that opens when people visit my site. Its not an Ad it simply has a facebook and twitter button. So far its great. I get maybe 2 likes per 1000 visitors lol Not sure if thats good but its better than before.

    • says

      Not a bad idea at all, and I’m glad to hear it’s working for you. I’m not a fan of pop-ups, so it’s not something I’d do on my site.

  9. Ramon says

    Very interesting information. Just what I was looking for. No hype, good solid and concise info. I have done most of what you recommend, even trying to post “quality content”. Got tons of Likes in FB but still not much new business at the eshop website. Obviously, no magic formulas out there. I sometimes wonder, “stay the course” or go 180º?

    • says

      Thanks Ramon. I vote for staying the course. A Facebook page is best for building and maintaining relationships for FUTURE business.

  10. Cdavis says

    Collin, great article thank you but I have a question about the vanity URL.  I have the required 25 fans but when I click on that link you provided to sign up for a vanity I get directed to do so for my personal page not my business page, please help out a FB rookie here!?!

  11. Anonymous says

    Collin, this are of the greatest tips that I ever found. Thank you for sharing them with us. 

  12. Renaripp says

    Thank you for the tips. Just added my page URL to my email signature. I keep pushing to get more likes, starting a new business it always takes a little while. I send out messages to a group of my personal Facebook fans once a week, rather than blanket all of them at once, stating that I started a new business and asking them to like my page. 

    • says

      The data on this is all over the place. Some say 1-2 posts/week. Some say 1-2 posts/day. Some say there are no limits. My experience and data for the agents I work with shows that those who post too frequently have less fans on average than those who post less frequently. Of course, I’m no statistician!

    • says

      I’m not a big fan of cross-posting. Maybe more on that in a future blog post. Thanks for contributing to the conversation, though.

  13. says

    What? No wacky link-exchange pyramid schemes? I am dissapoint 😀 I thought you could just say “make it go viral” and it would just happen. Your posts above seem to fly in the face of the reality that was sold to me by the magical social media fairies.

  14. says

    Those are very valid ways to get people to like your facebook fan page Collin! Although I have a fanpage, but I still need to get my email and newsletters working. Most of my contacts come through word of mouth and the social networking that I do. 

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Keep working at it, apply some or all of these tips, and you’ll be watching your fan count grow, Harleena! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks even more for commenting. 

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